Green/Ethical Bicycle Products

Because I’ve noticed that cycling magazines don’t often have adverts for ‘green cycling products’, I thought I would start having a few ‘Green/Ethical Bicycle Products’ section on my Links.

So instead of bicycle shops flogging you stuff that they say is ‘Green’ but isn’t, I have found websites direct to proper green products so you don’t have to go to them, unless as a last resort!

If I can find places in London the better though, as it is a London blog (Not always easy though). I am also interested in companies that sell products that are ethical, in the sense the products etc aren’t made in a sweatshop or breaking human rights laws etc.

Good bicycle shops should have a green and ethical conscience! Ethical customers are ‘picky’.

Writing to companies does help them be more aware of these needs.

See the links on my right.

I will also look out for ‘rogue shops, companies, magazines etc’ that sell toxic (to hedgehogs!) cycling products.

I wonder if there is a company that deals with ‘Cycling without cruelty’..that would be interesting too.

Oh look what I have started.


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