London: Another Cyclist dies because of a Lorry

From the BBC:

Apparently it is the ‘cyclist’s fault’ according to the BBC (OK, it doesn’t help with the ipod) but why didn’t the lorry driver see her??????? The Lorry Driver seems to have no blame! Write to the BBC!

A CYCLIST was crushed to death under a lorry she could not hear because she was listening to her iPod, her devastated friends said yesterday.

The noise of the approaching truck was drowned out by Patricia McMillan’s music as she was flung from her bike and died under the articulated lorry’s wheels.

Best friend Jacques Poullard said: “She was obsessed with that iPod. I never said anything to her about wearing it – but if she hadn’t had it on she might have heard the lorry.

“I hope other people will think twice about cycling while wearing headphones.”

He added: “It wasn’t that she was careless. I bought her the bike three years ago and it was how she travelled everywhere.”

She was hit by the truck close to her home in Acton, West London, in broad daylight.

She was riding to work in Kensington, where she was a part-time waitress to helps makes ends meet during her studies. Personal trainer Mr Poullard, 40, added: “She had so much ahead of her, so much left to do.

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