An American Bike in London

At the weekend I saw a shop that had an American bike in London. The shop was called ‘Buddha on a Bicycle’. (Apparently they made up the name ‘after a dream’)

I have put the video of the bike on my other blog or – A 1950s Roadster.

It looks great.



4 responses to “An American Bike in London

  1. westfieldwanderer

    Interesting old bike. That motorcycle style pseudo-fuel tank looks like it could be a lockable container for stowing your puncture repair kit. So useful and practical!

    Was wondering what make it was, but after a google around a bit I’m guessing that it’s an old Schwinn?

  2. I have also put it on Youtube (see cyclepod1)

    It is called a Roadster. I loved it. What a chunky fat bike it was! Yes, it is very much like a motorcycle. I don’t know anything about vintage American bikes but they look really interesting and different. I quite fancy going to Chiswick one day and have a look round.

  3. I loved the horrible colour too! It kinds of looks as if a kid painted it!

    Grease lighting, bicycle version!

  4. It does look like a Schwinn though.. here are some more Vintage American Bikes.

    I wish I’d never seen it, as I’d like one now!

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