Bike Jacking

I’ve been reading on, that a cyclist was bike jacked, and they wondered what to do.

The best bit of advice was to give the bike to the assailant because your own life is worth more than a piece of metal (even if it is your precious bike!).

However, I did wonder about using martial arts. Though it is, in principal, a good idea, I think that if you have a black belt, if you karate chop someone, as it were, it means that that is an ‘offensive weapon’ in law, so ie a bit ‘unbalanced’ even though the assailent deserves it, it’s you who would get in trouble. I’d be very careful.

I would suggest looking out for identifying features, clothes, shoes etc too.

I am glad the website raised awareness of this issue. Normally, what happens in the US, we get here.

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