Fireworks, and why I didn’t take the bike!

As you know, I went up to Waterloo at the weekend to see the fireworks (it was free!). There weren’t any roasted chestnuts. I have never been to a fireworks with none of these. I do like them so was a bit disappointed. Oh well, I expect that happens if it is a free one.

J and I found a place at the Royal Festival Hall and watched the fireworks light from the barges. I think next time we will find a place on a bridge as there were lots of trees in the way.

I actually didn’t take my bike and it was weird. I deliberately didn’t take a bike because I didn’t want to leave it tied up in London for ages. Crooks, being predictable, know you are at the fireworks and they waste no time in stealing them. So this time, they went empty handed.. well, my bike that is. It was really good to ‘beat ’em’. Even having an expensive lock is useless on Fireworks or other event night. I am getting more streetwise aren’t I?

I did notice some benefits of using the bus;

1) It went past all the dangerous areas, like Bow safely. It was really nice not to constantly worry if something is going to go into you although I did worry about whether it was going to run over cyclists or even stop in a cycle space. I wanted to take some pics but I was on the wrong side.
2) Even if you miss one, there are several in half an hour
3)It’s only a £1 with an oyster card
4) You don’t get wet
5) You can look at the window and be nosy.

Some disadvantages

1) Sometimes it is slower or about the same time as using the bike
2) It’s a hassle finding a shop or underground station just to top up your card
3) People look miserable. You would think they’re at a funeral!
4) They can be a bit bumpy
5) They can be crowded
6) It’s easy to lose or forget things if you have lots of stuff.

I was quite surprised not to see any fold up bikes on the bus.

I may use it occasionally as it is a lot more relaxing.

After the fireworks we went to the Poetry Cafe and had a look round the poetry magazines.


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