Motorists blocking entrances, despite Health & Safety

Ever on the trails of Walthamstow’s hypocrisy, had spied sinful churchgoers (motorists) a) blocking the church entrance b) and other on Double Yellow lines (with some rather ungodly language directed at the photographer who exposed the cardinal sin. If you go to church, you should lead by example I say.

Now this was very brave of the photographer (although I would probably do it when the driver wasn’t there – you know how ‘rough’ they can be, when they’ve been ‘rumbled’.

Only last week at my work, a white male motorist of say 55 (old enough to know better) was unable to get into the car park because it was full and so parked, lazily and selfishly, in the front entrance, blocking the place so creating a massive fire hazard, not to mention that disabled people would not be able to get out. I did speak to the driver who said ‘he was a bit silly’ but I made it quite clear (politely though!) that he could risk lives. I suggested that he parked elsewhere, if this happened again, or he could reserve a space instead. I may see if I can get my boss to put a sign saying ‘Do not (bloody!) block the entrance). (with motorists, you really have to spell the obvious).

Going back to Crapwalthamforest’s site, it was disappointing that the church didn’t have any bicycle stands, so it isn’t just work places, shops or doctors surgeries that often don’t have any.

The constant and relentless brainwashing that ‘the car is king’ still surrounds us.

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