Women Patentees

In view of the fact that the media is already ‘dumbing down’ Michelle Obama (who happens to be a lawyer) as another clothes horse, such as Jackie O, I thought I’d show you a
few patents designed for bicycles, by women, in the 1800s. Gasp!


This was done by Clarissa Jay of Adelaide, Australia in 1897 as a means of fixing an umbrella to a bicycle. (Geoff Hoone/The Boneshaker Mag 2008)


And this one, by Lady Mabel Lindley, of Abingdon, Oxon – a vehicle to carry bicycles. This patent was also dated 1897.

Women in the 1800s had lots of restrictions. Land that they owned reverted to her husband on marriage, so he had all the dosh! Before the Woman’s Property Act, they weren’t even allowed to earn their money from their job, so they wouldn’t have earned money from their inventions.

Instead what they did, was to create the patent but get their husband to register it. Finally, when the restrictions were allowed, the flood gates opened!

Even now in the 21st century, though we work, we are still being demeaned, just like Obama. Note that no one cares about how the President dresses! Then as soon as we open our mouths and give an opinion, it’s a faux pas! You just can’t win!

Just to let you know I am wearing a purple suit with a hat – just to keep in line with the 21st century! I will try and get the botox injections to go with it (I have been saving up for ages!).
I can only just about cope with Copenhagenchic, but trust me, there are more important things in the world than my clothes…. although, on a cold, wet crappy day, I will want the best woolly coat ..although I will raid the charity shop, not Prada, for it!

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