Anti Pollution Masks for Westfield Shopping Centre?

Considering the pollution due to the congestion of vehicles near the Westfield Shopping Centre, customers should be given free anti pollution masks at the site. Perhaps also there should be some posters on pollution in the area so customers are more aware of this (even though it is obvious as they went by car!). Maybe Anti Pollution Mask companies should be ‘out there’ and set up a shop or stall?

The pollution could damage house prices.

In the Evening Standard Article, I read via CrapWalthamForest, it said:-

“Street cleaner Abdelkader Maallem, 45, said: “Before Westfield opened it was much quieter on Sundays. Now it’s like Oxford Street. The traffic is crazy.” Others said they would ditch the cars and use public transport.

Stephen White, 40, who had taken his three children shopping, said: “Getting into the car park was a piece of cake. Getting out is turning into a nightmare. All the cars are joining roads that are already busy. If we ever come here again I will get the Tube.”

It is good that they will use other methods of transport. However, the area must be better served for cyclists.

When I did research for cancer, ‘frequent’ exposure was a contributory of this particular cancer I was studying. As this will be a frequent and long term ‘exposure’ mainly for residents and people who work there, I guess the stats for this cancer will go up over the years.


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