Cycling Rant of the Day ‘Registration Number Plates’

I find these absurd.

For example, you cannot see them if you are cyclist and use cycle lanes on the left hand side of the road. So if someone throws something at you (assaults) or other illegal act, it will be a job to get the exact road vehicle. Also at nighttime, you can barely see the car let alone a speeding car, with it’s number plate in the distance. Reg Numbers at the front and back is mainly for Motorists! Yes, another Motorist Bias! They need to be put on the side!

Quite how Reg Numbers have only been put at the front and back, and never anywhere else is not surprising if cyclists don’t complain about it. Time and time again, I have talked to cyclists and they’ve complained that they didn’t get the reg number… and you know what, they didn’t do anything about it! That’s why nothing changes.


1) Make them much bigger
2) Put them on the sides of the vehicle so cyclists and pedestrians can see them, and horse riders for that matter.
3) Make cars more ‘distinctive’ and ‘original’, so if the Reg Card isn’t remembered, at least the pedestrian has something to go on.

I am going to write to my MP again! I may contact the cycling organisations about this and the Department of Transport.

One person against the Motorist!


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