Daily Archives: November 14, 2008

I am scared of Road Accidents not Knife Crime!

There we have it.

I am in agreement with crapwalthamforest (see my Cycling in Waltham Forest link)

Though knife crime clearly happens in the parts of London (and other parts of the UK) on an ‘occasional basis’, on a regular basis, my main fear, in this parts, is of the motorist who is driving illegally, not just this, the pollution that they ram down my neck every day. I am being slowly poisoned and so are others. I fear for other people getting run over too.

I am scared of Knife Crime, and there is danger, but it isn’t a constant danger, even though it is around, if that make sense! The first thing I think of, when setting out on a cycle ride, is what is the safest route ie congestion, lorries, weather etc and knife crime, after that. I put on my Road Safety gear.

I do consider it..but just commuting safely is my main concern. The media may think differently. They are running a business and need ‘hype’.

Every day, I cycle wondering whether any move I may make, may affect the course of my life.

In a war, facing death from an enemy, soldiers are supplied with guns. In a road war, the vulnerable cyclist doesn’t have any appropriate line of defence ie physical. I mean, if a motorist bashes you up, you cannot do the same thing to him!

I come from a military family and nearly went into the RAF myself but for various reasons, I ended up doing something else but perhaps ‘my war’, is the war of the roads!