The Mayoress & the ‘Snooty’ Factor

I was ‘outraged’ when Crapwalthamforest (see link on right) said that her limo was being used only for short trips, making pollution worse and London more congested.
(It was bad enough when she even used it used for a Green Fair).

I would have thought there would be a few pool ‘sit up and beg bikes’ knocking around for the Mayoress to use or are these just for ‘lowly’ civil servants?

I can’t see why Mayoresses can’t use bicycles. Limos are costing the council a fortune with the upkeep and the spiraling costs of petrol. What on earth is stopping her? Is there an ancient law banning Mayoresses on bikes or does she want to ‘look important? I guess she wants to look important instead of ‘progressive’.

I wonder if there are ANY Mayoress in the UK who ride bicycles?

At least Boris does use a bike although I think it is perhaps more because he needs to lose a few pounds.


2 responses to “The Mayoress & the ‘Snooty’ Factor

  1. At the very least they should get rid of the Merc’s and get Toyota Prius or other Eco friendly Car for the far Trips and ride on Bikes for the 2 mile Trips show some support for reducingCarbon Emissions.

  2. Yes at the very least.

    Is this the British Class System at work?!

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