If in a Road Accident…

I was reading Crapwalthamforest’s blog and was annoyed that a car hit him. Typical stupid motorist.

Great that he took plenty of photos and gave us a good description of what happened along with some interesting info (but shocking) on ASLs. It could have been a lot worse.

I had a chat with a policewoman today:-

If cyclists get hit by a car, even if they don’t get hurt, they still must report it to the police.

I remember when I got hit… I didn’t bother as it was only a small thing but now I look upon it as a ‘warning’, so if they get reported, maybe, they won’t do it again. I was hit by a mother who was carrying a 8 year old child in the back. Their child needs to see law in action!

Also I think injury can mean ‘psychological injury’ ie PTSD, etc.

At least get them some points off their licence until they’re off the road.


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