Cycling in Bow and Dodging Roadworks (if the link doesn’t work, my moniker on Youtube is Cyclepod1)

This is part of my ‘normal’ bike ride from Leyton.

Normally I just walk this bit, at the Bow Flyover, because I feel safer. This video just goes to show what it is like, trying to look behind me as vehicles speed past.

Fortunately, many of the cars were held up at traffic lights so I managed to get a bit of a head start before the roundabout. However, I was concerned that large vehicles would try to overtake me as I cycled past the roadworks, leaving me no room to cycle.

As you can see when I went past the roundabout I was having a job to turn right, despite my signals, to cycle towards Bow Church. Vehicles were trying to speed past. They didn’t want me to overtake the bus. They were going so fast, to be honest, it was a job for them, with vehicles pressurising them too.

Then they hardly gave me any room as you can see, not helped by the narrow cycle paths.

As you can see, I was having trouble trying to turn right at the traffic lights towards Bow Church. Again, I normally walk this part because it is too dangerous.

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