Beckham’s Old House

I had a wander round Leytonstone and spotted his old house. I also noticed that the council have put a sign ‘No Ball Games Permitted’ along Norman Road.

7 responses to “Beckham’s Old House

  1. Any time somebody put a Sign like that up ,it was an Invitation to us to Play Football there,it was a matter of Honour to ignore it when I was a Child. Put a Photo of his House on this Site so we can view it.

  2. The video is finally on!

    The area is a bit scruffy though!

  3. When I went there it was deserted. No one there. It felt very soulless.

  4. Lovely House Spoiled by that Satellite Dish,could do with a bit of Restoration like Railings for the Front Garden. It is a Grotty Area,those Flats do not look Nice. The Council should put a Plaque stating this is where he Lived at one time. I would not say he was a Brilliant Footballer but a good consistent one ,more a Fashion Statement really. He is a nice Person in spite of Victorias and Davids Garish Lifestyle,he comes across as being an ordinary Person does not show off.

  5. Yes, I wanted to show people what the area looked like.

    The flats would look a lot better if they could paint them in nice colours and people could put more flowers in the front (although, perhaps people would steal them!). People could have tidied up their houses instead of leaving in a right state. It seemed to be a place that ‘had no personal character’, a kind of forgotten place.

    He probably chose football as there was not a lot to do there!

    I don’t really follow Beckham really but living in Leytonstone he is kind of part of the ‘cultural history’. I thought I better go there!

  6. Was he Born in the Neighbourhood and this was his Home as a Child or did he later move here ,for the benefit of any Fans who might be looking at the Blog or the Local Council who might like to Publicise the Locality for the Tourists to come and visit from America and say ,Golly Gee Whiz that Guy Beckam was Born Here can you Photograph me Abner against this here Gate.

  7. He was born in Leytonstone and then moved at the age of 2 to Chingford.

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