The ‘Jesus’ Bike

I was ‘forced’ to go to the Stratford Shopping Centre (I hate malls!) but was rewarded with this cracking bike for ‘Brand Jesus’.



3 responses to “The ‘Jesus’ Bike

  1. It looks a nice Bike possibly with a Dynamo, how much was it to buy.What is all this Brand Jesus Stuff,we do not have this in Ireland. It looks like the South African Flag behind the Bike.

  2. On the South African flag, we were in the Shopping Centre, he had just parked up is bike next door to it.

    Well, this is the first time I spotted a Jesus is Lord bike.. it was quite a novelty! Yes, surprised you haven’t seen any in Ireland, of all places. I think it is a good idea, and it gets people talking (not that I am into Jesus though myself). The cyclist was an Afro Caribbean christian. I thought he was quite cool! I can’t see vicars in 4×4 country doing it though!

  3. We used to have a few regular nutters in O Connell Street for Years,have not seen them in a while. An Elderly Woman dressed in Black with a Beret very French looking but is Irish and always carries a 3 Foot Wooden Cross and is to be found whenever there is a Protest against Abortion or if something Religious on and she shouts out encouragement to those making their Protest. There was another Woman a Plump Person with White Hair, who would sway from side to side singing and Praying, I think she lived in Dalky as I saw her there a few times. There is always some Man from Northern Ireland Preaching through a Megaphone and handing out Leaflets. Once there was Black People doing Hip Hop and Rapping Religeous Stuff for awhile in Talbot Street.

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