Cyclists’ Victory over Common Sense – Critical Mass 1 Cops 0

This is fabulous news. It has made my day.

Critical mass cyclists can hold their heads up high with the law on their side.

The Law Lords, have said that Critical Mass, don’t have to give the police advance warning of the cycle rides as they have no organiser. Everyone knows there is no organiser!

Let’s get out the champers (not that I drink that stuff but hey!), you get the gist.


I am pleased to see that some of the online main stream newspapers have covered it, although, some pictured cyclists in fancy costumes and pink hair, although, some of us do just wear the ‘usual safety garb’, which we have to wear, to avoid getting run over by ‘crazed and dangerous motorists’. It doesn’t mention in the photo whether there was a ‘theme’. It kinds of assumes that all Critical Massers dress up like that all the time.

I haven’t seen this Landmark news on the European Cycling Federation yet. I will see if CTC and LCC have something to say on the subject.

Update: LCC have reported the news.

Nothing: CTC


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