Problems with WordPress

For some reason it has got lines through it!

Thought it may have something to do with the Del but may have to contact WordPress to find a way of getting rid of it.


5 responses to “Problems with WordPress

  1. Hi Velochick ,It looks fine for me no Problems here. How long is it happening for,maybe it will go away.

  2. Are you sure?!

    3 posts are ok but all the rest have lines.

    I may have to test it elsewhere.

  3. oooh suddenly it is ok.. how weird is that!

  4. I made a Remark on the EDF French Company trying to Censor your Post about the Bicycle being Blocked in by their Roadworks.

  5. It has gone funny again. If wordpress don’t do anything then I will have to do another blog and just archive this one.

    No, EDF haven’t censored this post as most of my posts seem to have a bug.

    It’s Sunday and WordPress probably have lots of things to do.

    Oh well.

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