Sainsburys Lorries in Whitechapel

Some good news for a change.

I saw a Sainsburys lorry with a ‘Caution Cyclists – Don’t cycle on the left’ – kind of sticker.

Shame not all Sainsburys Lorries have them or many other lorries… but it is a start. I could easily see the bright white sticker too.


4 responses to “Sainsburys Lorries in Whitechapel

  1. Hi there are a lot of Lorries on the Road with the Sign / Cyclists do not Cycle on the Inside of Truck ,when Truck is Turning/ They all do not Have it though only a Percentage. It is the Main cause of Accidents with Trucks and Buses and the Cyclist getting on the inside.This was a Regular occurance in the Morning ,when Cycling to Work I would see the Aftermath of this with the Remains of Bicycles under 40Footers until they Banned them from Dublin Streets. Though some are still allowed through with Dispensation,and when the Port Tunnels Safety Devices are not Working they have to go through the City.

  2. I didn’t realise that the 40footers were ‘banned’ in Dublin. Great news. Some success stories then.

    I’ve only recently seen this signs on the back of lorries, ever since the carnage of cyclists dying in London.

    I am very lucky not to have seen left over bicycles from accidents but no doubt I will see them one day.

  3. There are some being allowed through,they are not completely gone,but certainly not like it was 3 Years ago before the Tunnell was Finished. There was an Awful Lot of Accidents on the Swords Road Whitehall when they were Building this Tunnell where the Portal was getting Built. Everything was in a Big Heap with the Approaches to the MI Motorway being Dug up. It was Dangerous for Cyclists with the Old main Road and Approaches to Side Roads and this Tunnell being Dug up. I have not seen any Fatalities since all the Roadworks were finished. It is a little bit safer for Cyclists on the Streets with the Big Lorries mostly gone. Although on Saturday I saw a 40 Footer Struggling to go up Capel Street at 5.30 pm at Rush Hour , he must have been coming from the Markets Area or else Heading to one of the Department Stores. This is a narrow Street with Cars Parked on both sides of the Road,with two Lines of Traffic on a one way Street and it is always Packed with Cars at 5.30pm. There could be a Problem with Safety Signaling in the Port Tunnell and it was closed,or else it was a Foreign Driver or someone Chancing their Arm and taking a Short Cut to the M50 Motorway without Paying the Toll. Although they have brought in Electric Tolling but it is not Fixed properly yet and some People are still Paying at a Cash Box.

  4. At the Junction of Griffith Avenue and the Malahide Road there was always Accidents with Big Lorries. They would come from the Docks and up Malahide road then turn left up Griffith Avenue, It Runs for several Miles up to Finglas. About a Mile up Griffith Ave they would turn Right up Swords Road to the MI.
    I would be coming into the City down the Malahide Road in the Morning and see the Aftermath of Accidents,a lot of them involving Cyclists and Trucks going round this Corner. One Day I saw a Woman lying on the Ground and Her Bike under the Truck just before she was brought away by Ambulance ,with the Firebrigade, Police and Ambulance in Attendance.
    I never see this now anymore,but there is the Occasional Lorry still using this Junction sometimes.

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