I had enough!

I forgot to mention this…

A few weeks (after a hectic journey in the rain, and problems with lights), I finally arrived in Leytonstone, one hour late.

When I was in a side street, (with vehicles parked on both sides) in the dark, a sports car tried to ‘alarm me’. The noise of the vehicle and the speed and the way it was closely trying to get past me (even though it was narrow), made me feel ‘that this driver was going to do something stupid”.

In the end I had it up to here with these intimidating drivers so I made a point of stopping, making eye contact and letting them pass. It was either that or they run me over.

Anyway, to my surprise this sports car didn’t disappear but stopped at the end of the road.

A Ha. So he ‘thought it was ok to intimidate cyclists’. Well, I thought, time to let him know ‘I am not a quiet woman cyclist’.

So I got off in front of his car (and got out my pen and pad to take the reg no) and phone (for the police) and said that ‘was he trying to run me over, because ‘I felt scared’. (Well.. no point ‘saying What FKING S+y driver he was. Yes, show the Voice of Reason (and try not too scream but remain calm).

Then two big black blokes came out (and by then it was too late).

They said ‘something was wrong with me’ (Of course, it is bound to be my fault eh).

In the end (they said they weren’t trying to run me over and admitted that they couldn’t hear the noise of the sportscar because they had the radio blaring). They said they weren’t speeding (but they were not being careful).

Fortunately, the scene calmed down about when they said ‘they didn’t mean it’.. but it was great to ‘highlight this issue’ infront of his friend he was probably trying to impress. It may have been a different matter with a ‘witness’.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done it but I really had enough with motorists getting away with things.

You have to make a stand without breaking the law.

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