And another delight of Cycling – Photography

As ever I am not the type of cyclist who will cycle from A to B without anything interesting happening on the way. I do like to stop, draw and take photographs.. good and bad!

Here is an article I came across today and it was something I could agree with. As cyclists we can photograph some amazing scenes, like sunsets, something that motorists miss as they have to hunt for a multi-storey car park:-

From the BBC:-

“Cycling and photography may appear to be an unusual combination but one blogger claims that it’s the best way of seeing London.

I love London, I love taking photographs of London, and I love cycling in London. And cycling, cameras and London is a particularly fine combination.

It was the American photographer Ansel Adams who said “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” On a bike you don’t have to think about going up and down a few hundred yards to find that right place, it helps you get to stand in places you would not otherwise have found.

I’ve been running my blog, London Daily Photo, for almost three years – over 1,000 different London photos – a new picture each and every day. Even though the “Quick London Hit” factor is the most important, I still try to make the photo interesting and appealing. I could never have managed combining that with my day job and a normal life, it were it not for my bike.

Some of my favourite shots are those taken when I was riding along, saw an image, stopped, unslung my camera and snapped.

Variety is what makes London the great city it is, and it is on a bike with a camera’s eye that you can experience that to its full. Grand architecture and shabby alleys, stylish cafes and greasy spoons, bustling centres and empty vistas, they are all there for you if you look”



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