Christmas Cards

It was a real pleasure to see a ‘Real London’ Christmas Card on Crap Waltham Forest’s website (see Cycling in London link). Real London is also Tower Hamlets where there are no Christmas Decs. It is a wonderful Christmasfree Zone.

When I was in Covent Garden, at the weekend, I saw the old fashioned ‘Angel’ Christmas decorations by Seven Dials which were quite nice. Just along there, we popped into a card shop and bought a badge ‘I am Satan’s Little Helper’ and ‘I hate Xmas’. I didn’t have any money to buy the ‘I hate Christmas Wrapping Paper’ though but it was nice to rebel ‘against the norm’!

Taking about that, many years ago, when I was stuck in some boring insurance job, one of my colleagues and I agreed to send ‘really naff cards’. It was a lot of fun. I remember giving her a ‘bell’ card from Woolies and she gave me an Evil Looking Santa (it wasn’t supposed to be Evil though). If I remember, I will try and upload it.

When I was in the card shop I saw a great Christmas Card with two naked cyclists (a couple) on a tandem wearing Santa hats. Though I cannot remember the name of the card shop, I know that ‘Scribble’ in Covent Garden have that. They stock great cards which make you laugh out loud.

I missed the Frost Fair which was a shame, maybe another year.


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