New EU laws for bicycles & Bike Products

News from the European Cycling Federation;-

“Bike Europe, the website for bike professionals, has updated its comprehensive list on EU laws and regulations for bicycle and bike products:

* EPAC Standard Comes with Electro Magnetic Compatibility Requirements
* EU modernizes customs procedures and makes imports safer
* EU Legislation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
* VAT Reduction on All Bicycle Products and Services
* EU-Commission Appoints Trade Hearing Officer
* Trade Defense Mechanisms under Review
* Rapid Exchange of Information on Unsafe Products
* European Standard for Childs Seats for Bicycles
* Anti-Circumvention Duties under Review
* Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Saddles
* Anti-Circumvention Duties on Certain Chinese Parts
* CEN Safety Standards for Bicycles Acknowledged by European Commission
* No Dumping Duties on Chinese E-Bikes and PedelecsTighter checks on EU imports
* Dumping Investigation on Chinese Made Saddles
* Timetable Anti-Dumping and Anti-Circumvention Measures
* Preferential Import Duty Rates
* New Generalised System of Preferences for 2009 – 2012
* Duties on the Internet


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