Waltham Forest Green Party

Believe it or not, by looking at Waltham Forest, there is a Green Party.

“Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party”

But by just looking at Crap Waltham Forest’s blog, you wouldn’t believe they’re doing anything. Maybe as Waltham Forest is a nightmare to sort out.

However, I have been looking at their manifesto at what they plan to do in Waltham Forest if they get their way. This is about Transport:-

“Huge investment in public transport – underground, rail, bus and tram to beat road congestion and pollution ·

Public regulation of public transport ·

Re-open Hall Farm Curve and Lea Bridge station to bring transport improvements to the borough ·

Install walking routes between Walthamstow Queen’s Road and Walthamstow Central stations and Walthamstow Queen’s Road station and Walthamstow Market ·

Explore the possibility of a Community Rail Partnership for the Barking – Gospel Oak line · Remove the anomalies at Walthamstow Bus Station of buses serving the same place leaving from different stops – wider consultation with passengers to identify problems and provide solutions ·

Promote safe cycling – build segregated cycle lanes wherever possible – white lines are not enough ·

Safe routes to school – safe walking and cycling routes – use of schemes such as the “walking bus” to accompany smaller children to and from school – less use of cars means healthier children ·

Zero tolerance of selfish drivers who park on zigzag and yellow lines near schools ·

Improved road safety training for children and education for children and parents about issues of transport’s impact on the environment ·

Lower speed limits for safer streets · Give priority to residents in residential streets – encourage development of “Home Zones” initiatives ·

Curb heavy lorries in residential areas ·

Is your journey really necessary?

Develop locally produced goods and services, create mixed-use developments e.g. shopping, housing and small business premises, use telecommunications to reduce the demand for travel ·

Convert the M11 Link Road into a Redbridge – Hackney tramway Reduce cars in town centres – plan for priority for less polluting forms of transport i.e. walking, cycling, public transport ·

Design of road layouts to give priority to pedestrian and cyclist safety and reducing traffic speeds ·

Re-allocate car park space – planning rules should require developers to show that their development is fully accessible by foot, cycle and public transport – developments to be car-free wherever feasible – the council’s public transport officers would be involved at every stage of development applications ·

All new council vehicles to be required to run on renewable fuels”

One response to “Waltham Forest Green Party

  1. I like your New Green Blog Colour,it sort of makes the Text stand out better on the Page easier on the Eyes.

    It depends on how many Deputies they get into the Council and Government,for them to get any Clout. The Green Manifesto sounds good to me. If it does not cost any Money or very Little it has a better chance of being Adopted by the Government. Climate Issues and Anti Pollution measures have become very Popular now in view of the Carbon Count. If the Government does not reduce its Carbon Footprint then the Country will be fined according to Kyoto or the New Protocols they are supposed to be bringing in. So now is a good time to bring in Alternative Fuel Vehicles like Electric Cars, Electric Assist Bikes,and also better Cycling Infrastructure.
    It is very Popular not just the Greens but the Tories and Labour and others as well.

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