Frost Fair

I finally went to the Frost Fair at last along the Bankside. There were a few stalls selling hats, jewellery, bags and spit roast.

You could have husky rides but I couldn’t see them though. We had a little walk round and tried some mulled cider with spices and toasted marshmallows. Very nice indeed.

We did notice the Thames was ‘very high’ and hope that the Thames Barrier hasn’t broken. (You know how the Government is rife with secrecy so you always have to watch for clues if London’s going to be flooded!)

Because I was carting loads of presents I didn’t take my bike (but I certainly missed it) so took the bus instead. In the middle of the journey, I looked out the window and saw ‘a polite ‘altercation’ between a cyclist and a motorcyclist’. (I’m glad it was ‘assertive and polite’. The motorcyclist was on the ASL.. aren’t they all and it’s not January yet.

I saw:-

2 asian motorists driving with a mobile in Stratford

7 motorists, a bus driver and several motorcyclist using London Bridge ASL.

I shopped one motorist who was driving with his mobile (I made eye contact with him and he saw me take down his reg plate) to the police and managed to get the reg numbers of the vehicles who stopped on the ASL. In fact, 3 vehicles turned up on the ASL at London Bridge when I was calling the police, which was pretty handy:-) I did see some good motorists though, even a black cab.

About 20 police were at a couple of bus stops to catch fare evaders. One female ‘crim’, who sat next to me, tried to run away but she was caught. It was very successful as probably a quarter of the bus had to be turfed out. I don’t know why they do it because bus companies are bound to randomly check them.

J told me that he saw a cyclist being hit by a motorcyclist a few months back. He was shaken and his bicycle was a write off. J offered to help be witness and gave his details. Just goes to show that motorcyclists and cyclists do have injuries even though the Gov has probably lost the stats for this and will carry out their hairbrained trial in January.

I was interested to see a cyclist at London bridge use blue Spoke Lights! Terrific. I wonder if he used the speciaists website or Ebay as I don’t know of a single London bike shop that stocks them. Very impressed. I could see him very clearly from the side and he good cool. Look forward to seeing more cyclists use them.

Although I still haven’t seen any cyclists with helmet cams. I think we need to make a ‘Helmet Cam Fashion Statement’. The more cyclists wear these, more and more drivers will get ‘done’. It will be interesting what impact it will make on the stats.


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