Scenes of Humanity at last

I had two ‘blimey, humanity-is-back!’ type moments recently.

1) At London Bridge I was trying to get my cycle vest on and trying to get my hand through the hole. Anyway this policeman came up behind me (God what have I done?!) and you know what he did, he helped me put it on, then he walked off! I said a quick thanks! and was in a bit of daze after that.

2) A disabled person was in her scooter and trying to get across the road and it was very difficult to cross. And along came a Samaritan Cyclist who asked her if she needed any help. Thought that was sweet. The motorists just couldn’t care less but a cyclist put himself out for her. There was no way she could get across the busy road in a slow scooter. (I was going to help but he just pipped me to the post).

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