A Lord uses Mercedes Benz for an ‘unforgettable driving experience’

In their glossy website, Mercedes-Benz, try to tempt Mercedes motorists by saying that driving one of these vehicles is an ‘unforgettable experience’.

Well, they certainly kept to their word in this article in the Daily Mail today in which a Tory Lord, reknowned for his charity works, allegedly punched another motorist.

An excerpt from their website:-

“Everything we do here is focused on our experience, heritage and technology; and with the range of unforgettable Driving Experiences we have to offer, you’ll get closer to all three. It’s all about combining our ‘spirit of innovation’ with a genuine spirit of fun, and with a range of cars and surfaces to choose from, whatever unique Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience you are looking for, we can make it happen”

And here is an example of an unforgettable driving experience for a Mercedes motorist and as Mercedes rightly said ‘they can make it happen’ but unfortunately, most of us, using the roads, don’t want this kind of driving experience.

This is an excerpt from the Daily Mail:-

“One was a peer of the realm with an estimated £315million fortune, the other a council engineer.

When the Mercedes-Benz driven by Baron Kirkham of Old Cantley almost collided with Keith Pearce’s Fiat Punto, what followed did little to bridge the gap in their social status.

Graham Kirkham, 64, allegedly punched and scratched Mr Pearce in a fit of temper.

The Tory peer, chief executive of the DFS furniture chain, got out of his car moments after the near-miss in the South Yorkshire village of Sprotbrough where he has a home, a court was told.

He is alleged to have approached Mr Pearce shouting and swearing, before attacking him.

Mr Pearce, 50, said the businessman shouted at him: ‘What the f****** hell do you think you are doing?’

Lord Kirkham allegedly had both his hands raised ‘like claws’ and went for the other man’s face, pushing his thumbs into his eyes.

Mr Pearce said: ‘Momentarily I lost vision. I presume he used his thumbs.

‘I had no chance to defend myself. I pushed him away then he attacked me again.’

He said he pushed the peer away once more before he was punched two or three times on the chin and face”.

The news of this has already been put up on his biography on wikipedia:-

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Kirkham,_Baron_Kirkham_of_Old_Cantley –

Here is a little more about DFS Furniture of which Kirkham, who has is a Chief Executive of (wikipedia):-

“By 1983, Darley Dale–based Direct Furnishing Supplies had become one of Northern Upholstery biggest suppliers. When Direct Furnishing Supplies went bankrupt with debts of £900,000 on a turnover of £3,000,000, Kirkham bought it. Northern Upholstery now renamed itself DFS and at the time had a total of 63 stores employing 2,000 staff.

In 1993, DFS was floated on the stock market and valued at £271 million, with Kirkham and his family trusts owning just over half of the shares. This brought the Kirkham family to the attention of thieves, who in 1994 broke into the family home at Sprotborough while they were on holiday. The burglars bound and gagged the housekeeper and made off with money and jewels worth £2.4m – later recovered, but still South Yorkshire’s largest armed robbery.

In 1998 DFS announced its first drop in profits in 28 years to the London Stock Exchange. The company found a third of customers admitted to a leather fetish, and so repitched its advertising from a middle aged couple to lithesome blondes and brunette models draped over sofas, and a billboard of a model covering up her breasts with flowers on a DFS armchair. In 2000 DFS announced a 79 per cent profit increase.

But the revival was short lived, and in light of the continuing prevalence for private equity, Kirkham took the chain private again, leveraging his family’s own 9.46% stake with £150 million of family funds in an eventual £496 million deal.[4][5] Kirkham told the Yorkshire Post: “It’s something that’s caused me fitful sleep in the time I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve no hobby, this is my hobby – it’s what I do. I’m an entrepreneur. It’s almost as if I can feel the adrenaline running through my veins.”

Crapwalthamforest (see my links Cycling in Waltham Forest) reports on people dumping sofas in the area, making the place unpleasant to live in. Though Kirkham lives in luxury, thousands of people, who use his products, live in squalor.

It also reminds me of the time when Baronness Sharples, from the House of Lords walloped a cyclist in January this year for running a red traffic light even though ‘laws are in place’ to deal with that issue.

“Hurtling through the traffic, the cyclist probably thought he had got away with jumping a red light and nearly knocking over an elderly woman.

But the pedestrian in question was 84-year-old Tory peer Baroness Sharples who perhaps inspired by Lady Thatcher, swiftly delivered her own form of retribution.
The veteran peeress swung her handbag and landed a sharp blow to the cyclist as he whizzed past outside the House of Lords”

We just have to keep a look for Mercedes drivers who want ‘that unforgettable experience’. More examples are on

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