I’ve written an email to driving instructors

I have written to the Driving Instructors Association asking for their comments on why motorists are disobeying the Highway Code and many are driving dangerously, and are supposedly fit for the road despite the test. I said that lives are being endangered because ‘perhaps they aren’t being trained ‘properly’.

I thought I would just throw it back at them , after all, they’re supposed to have trained them.

Here is a excerpt from Safeway

“Welcome to Safeway – The Driving School with standards.

Safeway offer a professional but understanding approach to driving tuition, enabling you to become a safe and confident driver.”

The thing is, this is just to ‘get motorists to pass the test’ but I think they need some facts that their pupils will be become safe drivers. The website assumes that all motorists they teach are safe.. but is this the case? I doubt there is any feedback as to what they’re like after their test. It can be misleading if many of these so-called confident drivers have broken the law. You also want to know who trained the motorist who broke the law? Driving Instructors should take more responsibility too.

Needless to say, I have written to them too!

And here’s what the AA have to say about their expert tuition:-

“A qualified instructor will be able to promise the highest standards of tuition and tailor the lessons around your specific needs.

The AA only uses fully qualified instructors.

All AA Instructors work to a strict code of conduct which ensures you get the best possible tuition. It guarantees that your instructor…

* is fully qualified
* uses an AA Driver Record Card to track progress
* adapts tuition for you
* gives you a full lesson of 1:1 tuition
* does not smoke or use a mobile phone during your lessons”

Doctors, dentists and teachers get the blame if they ‘cock up’ so surely driving instructors should get more blame if their candidates are useless the day after their test?!


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