Last Minute Christmas Pressies for Cyclists

Now for  this year’s ‘must have’

“A Flip Up Book of Road Rage Cards”

and for some fine samples of these please visit

“Road Rage Cards™ is just what you need if you really want to make a statement.

The printing is large and easy to read from a distance. The cards are tabbed and arranged by topic, so you can find the right message fast.

The book includes a variety of uncensored and censored messages (for those with slightly smaller balls). We’ve included a message for just about every annoying driver you’ll encounter (43 messages in all), and we’ve also included some blank pages for you to write your own messages.”

Now, how many times have I wished to have one of those cards?! However, as  cyclist, I probably wouldn’t use the ones with swear words as that could provoke the user. I think it would be better to go for a politeish one even though I would use the swear word in my head!

  or you get can get a nice gift from with a T Shirt with Diesel Exhaust Junkie on.

2009 will be a memorable driving experience for the motorist.


2 responses to “Last Minute Christmas Pressies for Cyclists

  1. I can still project back to how it was when I lived and cycled in the UK, and I can see why this would be seen as funny.

    However, I now live in a road-rage free place. I’ve not got angry with a single driver for as long as I can remember, and I don’t expect any hassle at all when I cycle.

    This is a serious issue. Few people will be attracted to cycling when the experience of cyclists is so unpleasant so much of the time that road-rage becomes normal.

  2. That’s incredible.

    Road rage for me is more of a defense mechanism, after all, they have nearly killled me or may kill someone someone else with their behaviour. The level of frustration I have when a) they get away with it b) carry on doing it annoys me.

    Cycling often does make me angry, perhaps it is the norm in Britain now, and I am sure that my blood pressure is actually raised, instead of lowered! Fortunately, I try to get out of many road rage situations by using the cycle path. It is when you are ‘forced to cycle on a main busy road, with speeds over 60mph, and you feel extremely vulnerable as motorists, in this country, drive closely and speed and I think being angry is part of the natural human condition when this happens. Britain, is No 1, in the Road Rage statistics.. I was chatting to someone about this the other day.

    As you have said, if motorists respect other road users by driving safely, it can have the opposite effect, in fact it can be friendly as ‘everyone is nicer to each other’. But abuse, just gets me annoyed particularly as they may do it to someone else and perhaps maim them.
    Cycling in this country is very tiring as you are forever trying to save your skin, when it is just plain commonsense, that motorists should drive carefully round you. I have had to wear a a top with ‘Keep your Distance -3ft please’ just to ‘tell them’ to be careful.

    I still can’t get over the fact that you have not got angry with a single driver.

    Dangerous driving is the ‘norm’ here and ‘naturally road rage’ will increase unfortunately. I do say thank you to good drivers.

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