An AA motorcyclist on an ASL

I was outraged to see a so-called ‘Very Nice Man’ on an ASL according to Crap Waltham Forest’s website (see link Needless to say, I have also raised my concern to the AA press office, saying that it is illegal. Boris never b**dy said they could start in December.

I hope that Freewheeler sends this photo to the Evening Standard, reports the motorcyclist to the police and to the London Cyclist (

In my email, I have mentioned to the AA that cyclists will now be reporting bad drivers and motorcyclists to the police, photographing and filming them as a matter of course, as evidence of their illegal behaviour.

It is very important to complain to the AA as you can see from the following article from a Green organisation in 2004:-

“The Automobile Association (AA) has vowed to stop using animals in its advertising, following a series of complaints over the appearance of an aged elephant in a current television commercial, a leading animal rights group has announced. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) led a campaign against the AA after it was revealed that a 52 year old Asian elephant from the Bobby Roberts Circus was being used in the advert, and the company was ‘inundated’ with complaints over the situation.

A statement from the AA, read that “no wild captive animals will feature in future AA advertising”, and the commercial featuring ‘Anne’ will be scrapped after its planned broadcasts over the next two weeks.

“Companies are quickly realising that using captive animals in their advertising only brings criticism and damages their brand image,” said Craig Redmond from CAPS”

Therefore, please report the dangerous and illegal behaviour of AA employees to their employers.


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