Write to your MP – CTC was top Campaigner 2007


Month in 2007

Top campaign site linking to WriteToThem
January everyinvestor.co.uk (“independent financial news”)
February Animal Aid † (“the UK’s largest animal rights group”)
March Our World Our Say (on Trident replacement)
April CTC (“the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation”)
May Liberal Democrats (on Freedom of Information and Parliament)
June Oxfam (an international development NGO)
July Republic (“the Campaign for an Elected Head of State”)
August People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (on foie gras)
September ‡ I want a referendum (on “EU’s constitutional treaty”)
October Radiohead (an English alternative rock band)
November unsubscribe-me (an Amnesty International campaign)
December NO2ID (“Stop ID cards and the database state”) i don’t have the figs for 2008 yet but well done to CTC for putting a link on their site which is clearly popular! Just goes to show that bloggers and organisations need to put CTC on their links. Maybe they can be the top every month next year.

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