Christmas Cheer!

I apprehended a motorist who was driving a vehicle onto my road, into my driveway. He was blissfully chatting on the phone while I was trying to get out of the entrance. I was dressed in Copenhagenchic (with a nice jacket and bicycle basket) but, bless him, he didn’t expect a ‘battleaxe’ confrontation (actually I was quite calm, didn’t scream and shout and just pointed out the facts (concern that people can die) which is quite effective to prevent them from punching a girl)

I said to him ‘Did you realise that you could kill someone driving with a mobile? And it was illegal?’ (you have to spell things out with motorists)

He said ‘I let you go’ (clearly not getting that it is illegal)

I therefore said ‘As this is dangerous, I do have to report this to the police so that it doesn’t happen again’ I also added ‘it’s no wonder white van men get a bad name!’

Then I spent a while reeling off the gory details to the police along with the fact that he had a witness in his car.


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