Billionnaire talks about the Credit Crunch tomorrow

From ITN:

“The Queen’s Christmas speech will address the effect of both global terrorism and the credit crunch.

In an excerpt released a day early, she says Christmas will be “a sombre occasion” for many in 2008″

Yet, here is a London foodstore famous for their Christmas Hampers to Royalty: (Of course she won’t go to Lidl).

Fortnum & Masons

“”Fortnum & Mason” — of 185 Piccadilly — London, is the most famous shop in the world for Christmas food hampers.

Established in 1707, nearly 300 years ago, Fortnum & Masons have become one of the institutions of cuisine in the world and most famous for their Christmas hampers and speciality foods.

Originally, one Mr Fortnum who was a junior official in the household of Queen Anne opened his shop to provide readymade food to the court officials. Surprised at the success of this shop, his landlord Mr Mason became a partner, leading to the logo of Fortnum & Mason. Soon, his clientele grew to include the Peerage of UK. It was not long before they began to provide delicacies of a surprisingly contemporary kind. By 1788, they were selling boned portions of poultry and game in aspic jelly — decorated with lobsters and prawns; potted meats, hardboiled eggs in brandy-soaked cake with whipped cream, mince pies, savoury patties and fruits fresh and dried “all decorated and prepared so as to require no cutting.”

The British Royal Warrant of Appointment to provide “Royal Beef Tea” to Queen Victoria came in 1863.

The shop had its quota of political troubles also, when in the first decades of the 20th Century, Miss Pankhurst — the woman’s Suffragette leader threw stones at its glass windows to protest against the “British Establishment” represented by this elite firm.

If you want the famous “truffles” — an edible and highly-prized fungus for the Western tastes, well….. a 13 gm jar would cost you Rs 1500. All kinds of exotic delicacies were available. The Imperial Beluga Caviar, reserved once exclusively for the Czars of Russia, was available at Rs 7500 for a 50 gm tin (It works out at Rs 150,000 per kg, the speciality being that this caviar has the largest grains. If you cannot afford this quality well there are plebian qualities of Iranian caviar available, at Rs 60,000 per kg”

Meanwhile, in Peasantland, my mother, who normally provides some Chrissie Grub for me (I try to keep her sweet), said she didn’t have my favourite salami (I’m Hannoverian like the Queen), ‘because of the Credit Crunch’.

It doesn’t help when our money is being spent on the Queen’s Christmas Truffle Hampers.

I think this Billonnaire, since she as a doglover should give some dosh to the Dogs Trust or Battersea Dogs Home. Maybe she supply a scraggy dog with doggie dins for the rest of his life… or give to fellow Hannoverians some salami.

By the way, I’ve just had a look at Republic’s website and they’re having a poll about whether to scrap the Queen’s Speech on

As it is, at her age, she should be enjoying the fruits of her labour, after working hard – but, nah, she is enjoying fruits of OUR labour.

Her subjects will have further problems on Christmas Day when 18,000 have had their power cut off:-

From the BBC:-

“Engineers have been working flat out to restore gas to thousands of people cut off by a ruptured pipe before Christmas Day. Thousands Of Homes Without Gas A total of 18,000 households in the Rossendale area of Lancashire were left without the fuel on Monday after a gas main ruptured.

Main operator National Grid told Sky News it had reconnected all but 2,000 homes to which it had been unable to gain access to because people had left them vacant during the holiday period”

Let’s hope she adds to her speech something about the incompetent gas company who haven’t their maintained their pipes properly.


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