Waltham Forest Christmas Scrabble

I have a four-letter-word that describes parts of
Waltham Forest as I walked to Leyton on Christmas Eve, past all the mattresses, overfilled skips and rubbish that residents have to put up with. You would have thought that the Council would have cleared it up before Christmas. I know that not all residents do celebrate Christmas but some do and they don’t want to call the Emergency Rat Man at Christmas or get Weils disease and people are just about getting over the Norovirus too.

No, it is not the usual four-letter-word but just another that sums the place up. You would have thought this word wouldn’t exist in the 21st century but during Dickensian times, or earlier.

A Clue: A heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and squalor. Often used in the plural.

Answer: S-L-U-M

If you don’t think there is substandard housing in Waltham Forest, have a look at this article in the Waltham Forest Guardain in November this year:

“THOUSANDS of residents must continue to live in sub-standard council homes after a legal wrangle forced a rethink on improvement work.

Ascham Homes admits it will have to make changes to the way it implements the Decent Homes programme after a landmark ruling by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) said it had misled thousands of leaseholders”


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