Green Lawyers?

This article from Manila, talks about the dearth of Green Lawyers over there and no doubt is the same here.

Would we want a lawyer, defending us, say, if his/her beliefs do not represent our own political views? Would we want a so-called, impartial, lawyer/QC say from the Society of Conservative Lawyers when we could have our own party lawyer instead. I certainly don’t want a Tory to support me if I am run over by a Tory lawyer driving a Merc! What if the Tory Lawyer was involved in a notorious Scandal? This could be distracting and the papers may have a field day instead of concentrating on the case in question.

Though the article tends to go on about the environment, cycling can be an environmental issue as we choose to use a bike over a car, and we are a lot more vulnerable than people, who use black cabs or drive cars. Tory Boris, is a fine example of a Tory, who is supposed to support cyclists, but doesn’t as his political views differ. He doesn’t even help other Tory cyclists, as he allows motorcyclists take over cycle lanes! How can they be trusted to protect us?

“Green lawyers

Lawyers in the Philippines are held to a high standard. Not only are they expected to conduct themselves as officers of the court, even their private lives are subject to judicial supervision. Immorality can be a cause for suspension, and in worst cases, disbarment from the practice of law. This is the old way of understanding the word �green� even for those not so minded.

There is a new breed of lawyers in this country and they are called the green lawyers�environmental lawyers if you will. They are at the forefront in the advocacy of tougher and more comprehensive laws on environmental protection, fighting cases against local government bodies which fail to enforce the law by looking the other way and against corporations greedy for profit and defending the communities from encroachment. They are teaching and sharing experiences with marginalized fisher­folk and uphill farmers on their rights and remedies.

Even with their efforts, there is hardly any conviction for environmental offenders. The first hurdle is the technical nature of the evidence needed. How does one prove that a mining company is responsible for denudation and a consequent landslide? How does one attribute damage and quantify losses? Industry experts are needed for each sector and more often than not, they are the ones employed by the big companies.

Thirdly, our justice system is woefully un-green. It is high time for the PNP to constitute a green unit to build a case and hunt down offenders. So with green prosecutors, green judges and green media. An inventory of environmental cases will tell you how not to file a case for environmental crimes. By all means, let�s hurry and green everything before the Philippine eagle goes bald”

Even Prince Charles had a go at the Legal Profession for them to go more green recently (AOL News):-

“The Prince of Wales will urge the legal profession to sign up to a scheme to help combat global warming.

Charles will call on lawyers across the country to get involved with the Legal Sector Alliance (LSA) – a group of law firms working to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt environmentally sustainable practices.

The Prince will speak at the official launch of the Alliance at a central London venue featuring sustainable products like goat hair carpets and cushions made from recycled seatbelts”.

Yet, he doesn’t suggest they cut back on taxis and go by bike.


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