Tory Boris urges us to Spend Spend Spend despite credit crunch

As many people on the BBC website ( in ‘Have Your Say’) have said they won’t go the sales because they don’t have the cash and some have lost their job, London Mayor Boris, (Far Away with the Faeries), and who earns an annual salary of £137,000 and topped up by £250,000 from his Telegraph column (source Sunday Times magazine 28/12/08) thinks that the worry (of job losses, train fire hikes, falling house prices) is irrational.- so, let’s go Spend.

This is from

“Boris Johnson urged Britons to reject credit crunch fears and declared it was their “patriotic duty” to keep shopping through the recession.

Mr Johnson said people should cut back on waste but not give in to irrational fears about the downturn and that those who could afford to shop should do so.

Mr Johnson’s thoughts, in today’s Daily Telegraph, came as he pondered whether to give all his friends and family jars of his apple chutney.

“There is no doubt that the act of making and giving chutney is in keeping with the mood of the times. It is in this mood of financial self-disgust, you might argue, that it is entirely fitting that an otherwise prosperous member of the middle classes should get a load of apples from the garden, boil them up, add Demerara sugar and vinegar, together with onions, walnuts, apricots and all sorts of other top-secret ingredients, and hand them round to his loved ones for Christmas. And if they are so rash as to complain that this is a bit tight-fisted, I can always point out that it is the thought that counts, eh?”

“Well, I am not so sure If everybody gives everybody else nothing but chutney, then the economy will completely seize up, and by this time next year no one will have enough money to pay even for the sugar or the vinegar.”

He added: “I think I can probably just about afford to buy some presents. I should do my patriotic duty by going to the shops”.

In 2005, with regards to low paid people in London, trying to make ends meetk, the TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: ‘London’s low paid workers are struggling to make ends meet with no extra cash to compensate for the fact that they live in the one of the most expensive cities in the world. With no hope of ever affording a mortgage and most rents in the capital way beyond them, life is tough for London’s cleaners and security guards”

Boris ought to go back to ‘Have I Got News For You’. That’s the place for a comedian.

In Tory Iain Dale’s Diary ( there has been a vote for Politician 2008, and here it is:-

Politician of the Year

1. Boris Johnson 46%
2. Vince Cable 14%
3. Peter Mandelson 8%

Would you believe it?!

That’s a Corker!

Still Greens can rest assured we are ‘supposed’ to be cleverer according to the
New Scotsman article below, (a Survey in 2008)

“Cleverest children ‘grow up to be Green’

THE brightest children go on to vote Liberal Democrat or Green, according to a survey.

The study by Edinburgh University researchers has found that childhood intelligence is linked to voting preferences and political involvement in adulthood.

The study – which looked at voting patterns in the 2001 general election – found that those with higher IQ ratings were more likely to vote Lib-Dem or Green in an election.

The survey – including cognitive tests at ages five and ten – was followed up with a study of voting habits at 34. Those who voted Green had an average IQ of 108.3, with Lib-Dem voters just behind at 108.2.

and stats quoted about this from the Torygraph-

Average IQ scores at the age of 10 for people voting in the 2001 general election for various parties were:

:: Green 108.3

:: Liberal Democrat 108.2

:: Conservative 103.7

:: Labour 103

:: Plaid Cymru 102.5

:: Scottish National 102.2

:: UK Independence 101.1

:: British National 98.4

:: Did not vote / None 99.7

Note there is a big article in the Sunday Times Magazine today 28 December on Boris.


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