Nicholas Nickleby

I watched this yesterday as it has been recommended to me by a friend.

I really enjoy watching or reading Charles Dickens’ work and I do plan, to work my through Dickens, as much as I can.

Sometimes it is a lot quicker to watch it on the box but you just can’t beat his style of writing though. What I enjoy about his work is that he weaves a lot of real stuff into his stories and he was excellent at research.

In Nicholas Nickleby, it turns out that he and a friend, went up to this school in Yorkshire and pretended that he was going to put his child there. Of course he had a good look round at the sickly kids and the so-called medicine they were given to re-press their appetite.

As someone who experienced sadist teachers at my old schools, I could identify with some of it. Even now it makes me think, that if someone can get away with things, they’ll be sadistic. I still feel uncomfortable that there is no CCTV in class rooms and I would want more CCTV coverage in old people’s homes and mental asylums as these types of places just attract sadists. Things have improved, but this kind of crap still goes on but perhaps in different ways.

It was a film that made me think and I am going to get a copy of the book so I can find out more background on him. I also want to explore places such as the Ragged School in East London, which will give me some history

Dickens was buried in Westminster Abbey, although he wanted to be in Rochester. It is a little sad that he couldn’t be buried where he wanted due to public demands. The public can go to Rochester I think!


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