Cycle Guy by Richard Caseby

Richard has written a cycling article in the Sunday Times today.

He talks about cyclists who don’t race but are sold racing bikes even though they won’t ever go that fast or enter a race. It is a good point. I came across a dad who had to return his expensive racing bike when it wasn’t suitable for him, in fact, he may have been better off with a hybrid or mountain bike depending on his needs. I have heard it from bike shops that some bike shops mis sell (that word looks funny) the wrong bike to the customer. I tend to say clearly what I want from my bike so I don’t get this problem myself, although some bike companies have encouraged me to buy a sportive type bike even though I don’t actually need them for the stuff I do at the moment. However, I would also say, that we all love beautiful bikes and we like to look good, so, we are partly to blame!

Then, on a different note, Caseby added: “If the credit crunch is forcing us all to pause and enjoy life’s small pleasures, what better way to do it than on a bicycle? So join the radonneur revolution: no gym fee, no petrol bill, no pollution. You might even talk to someone on the way’.

A nice article, just a shame it was a Rose between several Thorns (tons of car ads and not a single bike ad) in the Sunday Times.


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