Police target speeding motorcyclists

As Tory Boris, lets in speeding motorcyclists in bus lanes,thinking nothing of the dangers to cyclists, Essex police, however, think differently as they tackle lawbreaking motorcyclist hoodlums by bringing specialist police helicopters that spot speeding motorcyclists from the skies:-

(This story comes from the Kent on Sunday today)

“The police helicopter jointly operated by Kent and Essex police is to be used to crack down on speeding drivers – mainly motorcyclists.

While Essex police has announced the move to tackle fast bikers using the £1,000 an hour aircraft, Kent say they have no plans to follow suit using the chopper, despite reports in Motorcycle News.

The helicopter has video equipment, speed detectors and even loud-speakers to warn transgressors on the roads.

It has been operated jointly by the Essex and Kent forces since April this year.

And police in Essex plan to focus on certain stretches of highway where motorcyclists are known to exceed the speed limit.

These include roads around Great Dunmow, Fitchingfield and Ongar.

“There is concern that a small number of riders continue to use Essex roads with total disregard for not only their own safety but that of other roads users,” said the county’s senior traffic management officer Adam Pipe.

Signs showing a helicopter on a blue background with the words “Police traffic enforcement” have already gone up.

But Kent police will not be following the lead.
“We have no plans to do anything like this,” said a spokeswoman.

The new deal was agreed in April this year between Kent and Essex Police, the existing Essex-based helicopter will be made available to both Essex and Kent for up to 20 hours a day, seven days a week”


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