Gadget for the Relentless Speeding Motorist?

From ITN today:-

As motorists continue to cause carnage on the road, “Government transport advisers want voluntary speed-limiting devices fitted to cars to help save lives and cut emissions.

Cameras and fines are traditional methods of tackling speeding drivers but experts have come up with what they think might be a more effective solution.

The gadgets would be fitted to cars on a voluntary basis and supporters of the scheme believe could help save lives and cut carbon emissions.

It is also claimed the technology would cut road accidents with injuries by 29 per cent.

Once the device is fitted to a car the system works by using satellite positioning to check its location and once the speed limit is exceeded power is reduced and the brakes are applied if necessary”

I was listening on 5 Live on the radio this morning, and a presenter from 5 Live, who even admitted to having a speeding a conviction, said you could ‘turn it off’ if you wanted to ‘get out of trouble’, like passing a lorry. He did say, that on the whole, it was good.


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