Israel, an ‘unforgettable experience’ for mountainbikers

In their tourist spiel, trying not to tarnish their image, they write in their tourist website:-

“Mountain biking tours have fast gained popularity over the years. Israel, the size of Wales, is a perfect destination for this activity. Travelling through a country with 3000 years of biblical history is certainly an awe-inspiring experience. The scenery varies dramatically and tours take riders through the desert land of the Negev, Israel’s National Parks and the lush green hills of the Galilee and Golan.

Top range mountain bikes are actually supplied but participants are able to bring their own. Family activities can be arranged and the tours can take place in groups of similar age or sex. This is something that is open to all age ranges, from 10yrs old to 80yrs old. The biking guides that accompany the trip, explain the significance and history of the areas and ensure that it is an unforgettable experience for all.”

Just have a look at for mountainbikers in scenic Gaza.

See if you can spot them under the rubble.


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