Book Club: “A Little Book of Boris” by Iain Dale

This book is being sold for just 1p on Amazon (in used condition) (clearly someone wants to get rid of it fast!)

According to Waterstones:

“Boris has star quality, loved by many, ridiculed by some, feared by others. With a shake of that foppish blonde mop, a glimmer of that madcap smile and the voice of the public school boy – Boris says things that few other politicians would or could (or perhaps should!) The allure of this blundering rapscallion of the Tory benches is that he is who he is, and does what he does. Whether his ethos enrages you or his policies prickle your principles, his magnetism is undeniable because he makes mistakes and says things that should not be said, perfect in his imperfection. This may be a little book, but thanks to Boris, it’s big on fun, comedy, life and spirit. Containing a selection of the best Boris-isms for you to devour, quotes by Boris and quotes about him, many illustrated by specially commissioned Hoby cartoons, plus a handy reference to the history of Boris. Why not put a little bit of Boris into your life?”

I’m going to see if I can get hold of a copy from the library as I think 1p is just too much to waste on a book on Boris, especially as he is going to bring motorcyclists into cycle lanes in a few days time, which will increase road casualties on both sides, vulnerable cyclists, being worse off of course. It is a matter of time before the Tories bring silent Hummer supercars on cycle lanes too to ‘ease congestion’! Just because Widdlecombe (Maidstone), hates cyclists who go through red lights (though it is safer to go past them (Source: RoSPA) as 18 T lorries fail to stop or see them, doesn’t mean cyclists have to be ‘exterminated’ out of existence on London’s roads.

I will report back – if the library stocks it. Of course, anyone who wants to join this online Book Club, can review it here.


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