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Well done to Crap Waltham Forest’s blog, which came 36th, not far off from Iain Dale’s blog at 22, no doubt, Iain beat him because of his extraordinary sensational Tory/Jeremy Clarksonesque comments on Israel.

See Iain’s Diary on my links.

I wonder what Dale says about the lies Israel says on their desperate-for-cycling-tourism website (as you have seen on my blog) saying it is a ‘perfect’ place to cycle. (Well, I don’t want to cycle in a war zone, thanks). Even my MP, a tory, had a rubbish time there.

I have seen the Israelis bombing and it is not just now, it is almost every day in Lebanon too, which doesn’t get a mention as it is so frequent. I remember daily we had night raids as the Israelis went on their sorties. I was told by doctors, who worked in Israel, how women gave birth at check points because the soldiers refused to let them through. As a woman, this is disgusting treatment, not to mention, them shooting at Red Crescent ambulances etc.

The peacecyclists say that Israel has asked for foreigners to leave, in Gaza, which means they will carpet bomb them and all hell will break lose, making more people angier and angrier. Naturally there will be more reprisals.

There is a Demo at Parliament Square tomorrow at 2pm in protest against the bombings. Get those bikes blinged up! Get some ‘interesting’ placards for the media.


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  1. Are you completely barking mad?

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