The AA motorcyclist

I received an email from the AA about Crapwalthamforest’s blog ( about his photo of an AA motorcyclist in an ASL:

“All AA patrols are highly trained and this includes all aspects of driving and motoring law. Breaches of motoring law by our staff are not condoned and when incidents come to light they are followed up. On the face of it, it may appear that the electric scooter has breached the law, however the Highway Code rule 178 states:


Advanced stop lines. Some signal-controlled junctions have advanced stop lines to allow cycles to be positioned ahead of other traffic. Motorists, including motorcyclists, MUST stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red and should avoid blocking the way or encroaching on the marked area at other times, e.g. if the junction ahead is blocked. If your vehicle has proceeded over the first white line at the time that the signal goes red, you MUST stop at the second white line, even if your vehicle is in the marked area. Allow cyclists time and space to move off when the green signal shows.

[Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10, 36(1) & 43(2)]

The still photograph does not show unequivocally that this was a deliberate or illegal act. The situation, described in rule 178 may have applied (i.e. the light may have changed between first and second stop line). We expect the highest standards of driving or riding from our staff but that does not mean we are immune from occasional accidental or deliberate breaches of the rules by a small minority.

Thank you for highlighting this matter, we have reminded our staff of the law”


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