Trafalgar Square Protest against Gaza Holocaust

pict0004I took a few pics from Trafalgar Square yesterday



I met a few friends up there (from many organisations) and we all congregated at Trafalgar Square. Even my Non Green Brother turned up to take pics. We were told that people, in protest, were chucking shoes at Downing Street. I went over there to take a pic but someone had cleared them up.

We saw Peter Tatchell at the Green Party stand (one of their placards you can see here). I spotted a few cyclists and I think one ‘lycra cyclist’ got caught in it. I was pleased at the cyclist turn out. Many left their bikes on the railings but I didn’t want to risk leaving my bike there so I walked along with it, as a kind of ‘sports boycott’.

While I was there, I discovered there is a Green Party Trade Union ( and there is a blog on

Good articles in the Independent today, including a good one written by John McCarthy. Good front page cover too.

Meanwhile a Tory paper put ‘Gazza’s girlfriend on the front page. You would think that tanks rolling in Gaza, would be front page news. It is also a historical moment, ie like the Six Day War. In the Tory Daily Mail, the headline is about Recycling and the next pages on Dr Who. This reminds of me of the time when news on the concentration camps in Germany and Poland was broadcast by the media in tiny paragraphs in the middle of the pages. The Imperial War Museum, if you go there, shows how bad the media was at the time.

Some of my relatives died in Auschwitz so it is important that the media treats this seriously and Israel stop blasting the Palestinians.


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