Jaguar motorist banned for drink driving

“Drink-drive loophole lawyer Nicholas Scullion gets road ban for boozing

A HIGH-FLYING lawyer who boasts he can help drink drivers beat the law has been caught boozed-up behind the wheel.

Nicholas Scullion’s law firm has helped scores of motorists escape bans by exploiting legal loopholes.

But the pony-tailed lawyer, 61, had no defence for his own actions…and pleaded guilty to being above the limit”

On their website, Jaguar state:

“Creating exclusive, sophisticated and understated automobiles has always been a Jaguar hallmark. Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director, put it in this way: “You should always feel better when you get out of a Jaguar than when you first get into it.”

I don’t think being caught by the police and then being banned, exactly fits Jaguar’s motto does it now?


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