Credit Crunch Sports, Frugal Living

J was telling me yesterday that because he will ‘downshift’ to a much lesser salaried job probably in the Spring, which means, ‘things will have to change’ as he won’t be able to afford a lot of things we go to, even though it’s mostly the cinema really (as we go to lots of free events round London).

As 2009 is going to be my ‘Fitness Challenge’, I was hoping to some badminton and yoga, but even these cost a lot over time.

Cycling is good, but it ‘doesn’t do everything’. Maybe 2009 will be my Frugal Fitness Challenge.

We’re meeting up today to perhaps chat about ideas of what kind of sports, even team sports, we can do without costing any money.

So, here are some ideas I thought of so far:

1) Walking & Powerwalking
2) Jogging
3) Hula Hooping (noooo!)
4) Frisbying
5) Finding a One Day Free Gym pass
6) Kiting
7) More cycling!
8) Indoor Gym (boring!)
9) Fitness Video (but get others to join in so it won’t be boring)
(I quite enjoy that idea)
10) Skipping (as long as done in private!)
11) Free dancing (London normally has free dance sessions in the summer)
12) Yoga, at home, via library or video.

London Gyms offering a FREE one day pass:


2 responses to “Credit Crunch Sports, Frugal Living

  1. Skipping is reckoned to be very good,very good for toning you up.Just as good as Weight Lifting as it is supposed to get Rid of Flab. All you need is a Skipping Rope,you dont even have to buy one just make your own.

    How about Football/Soccer or dare I say even the Comtemptable Baseball that the Yanks Play. I dont recommend Cricket ,I hate that it is like looking at Paint Dry.

  2. Football is good as it’s cheap, all they need is a ball and a patch of grass.

    Cricket.. I never understand why people do it, but supposedly it’s not as boring as it looks.

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