Motorcyclists in Cycle/Bus Lanes

I’m really not looking forward to my cycle ride in London today because of the speeding motorcyclists, and the fact that they will ‘push you out of the way’ ‘because they’re bigger’.

They won’t leave decent space between us either. Then, with the black ice, they could skid into you.

Motorcyclists are reknowned for reckless speeding and yet, Boris sticks them with vulnerable users. On the TV yesterday, I saw that a lawless speeding motorcyclist went into a horse and rider. But no, Boris is happy that they ride two feet from horses and cyclists.

As a horse rider, also, we need motorcyclists to quietly go past us, leaving us lots of space. A horse can get frightened, but no, motorcyclists, ignore that despite the Highway Code. Few have respect for vulnerable road users. Their bad attitude, I expect, will cause accidents, deaths and more roadrage.

I also feel sorry for cyclists who haven’t got a mirror to double check who’s behind them and for parents cycling with their young kids. It will push more cyclists off the road into cars, causing more congestion.

I will be affected by this, as I go on the worst roads in London, (Aldgate/Whitechapel/Bow towards the Olympic Stadium where motorists already illegally use the bus/cycle lane, and we now have to put up with motorcyclists.

It’s not that we can even avoid the ‘worst areas’ by taking public transport, as public transport won’t take your bike unless it is a fold up. So cyclists have to have to buy 2 bikes or just use one fold up bike, which often isn’t practical. Cyclists are being penalised for choosing the healthy and environmentally friendly option. It is no wonder the EU are coming down on the UK for not doing much for global warming.

This stupid ‘motorcyclists-in-bus lanes’ law is made even though it isn’t compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets, it’s only recommended. Surely helmets should be made compulsory before they allow motorcyclists in bus/cycle lanes?

Remember, it’s a trial, but ‘many cyclists will have to die’ in this time, in order for the trial to end. (That’s how it works doesn’t it?). If cyclists don’t die, it will continue. If they don’t die, it is because they ‘get off their bike or walk on the pavements, or it’s just down to luck’.

I wonder how they cope in Amsterdam with the motorcyclists? I don’t know how it works there but it would be interesting.

As Boris, has 4 kids, will he give up cycling as they could be without a father, if he gets killed by a motorcyclist. It will be all his fault too.

Roll on the next election. I wonder if I will be alive then?

Update 7/1/09 There is a Tfl Survey on this issue. See my links under Survey.

2 responses to “Motorcyclists in Cycle/Bus Lanes

  1. Cyclechic,

    I totally agree with you. Have cycled throughout London (and Chicago and New York City more recently). While the issues are slightly different, all three cities should learn from European, and particularly Dutch roads. In Amsterdam (and Rotterdam, too, I believe) there are fully operational, two-lane bicycle paths for–shock horror–only bicycles.

    The benefits are numerous. New construction would be great for the economy. Many pedestrians and drivers would use cycling more often if it were safer. Less accidents = smooth, short journeys; less traffic and lower emissions.

    Well done on you, anyway, for your courageous bicycle riding.

    Continue away and safe journeys!

    Best wishes from Chicago,
    Erica Grigg

  2. Thanks for your comments Erica.

    As we’re a European county and in the EU, you would have thought ‘we’d get some better ideas from our European cousins, particularly if road accident statistics show improvements.

    When you look at historical facts, the stats for people dying in car accidents was minimal in the 1930s, in the UK, but now it is sky high, one reason is because, almost everyone has a car (or more). You would have thought that the Government would at least have tried to keep it to the minimal level, the Government should be rebuked for making road deaths become an epidemic. They never tackled this issue properly years ago and now it is spiralling out of control. It’s like tacking the problem after the horse has bolted.

    I used to know someone who owned about 10 cars but there’s is nothing stopping anyone have loads more. No doubt there would be a public outcry if the ‘poor man’ couldn’t get another or wasn’t allowed to have a larger garage extension.

    I have cycled in Australia but never cycled in New York. I think that was before I got more interested in cycling. I think I just walked or jumped on the touristy Big Apple Bus. I remember thinking that I walked hell of a lot there that my feet were killing me. It would be great to cycle there now because it is so wonderfully flat. I don’t remember any cycle paths there then (1995 ish) and I wonder how it has improved now.

    I think anyone who has cycled in the pro Motorist US, is amazing particularly, as the US has a ‘cadillac’ culture which means ‘you’re successful’ if you are driven round with one of them (complete with Cuban cigar). Imagine John Travolta, in ‘Grease’, if he lured Sandy with a fold up bicycle! (Actually, that would be great, it would look like a man who thinks for himself!). But no, it won’t happen.. yet, you never know. It may sink in that you can be ‘successful’ and ‘cool’ if you cycled.

    I think we should get a Green James Bond one day, so that he goes round in a bike (or at least, an environmentally friendly car). The ‘norm’ has to be challenged. I am really pleased that there is a good set of bicycle advocats out there, that is what we can copy from here. I don’t think we’re strong enough.

    Safe journeys!

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