So Motorcyclists aren’t dangerous to cyclists then?

Which is why TFL thinks ok for them to be in cycle lanes, like this idiot, who was going over the speed limit doing a wheelie.

(They say TFL has done a ‘study’ on safety but I have just spent two minutes online, if that, and have already spotted one lawless motorcyclist caught, a few years ago, by the police.) in the Oxfordshire Mail.

I don’t really ‘get this study’ that’s encouraging motorcyclists to be on bus/cycle lanes. I presume ‘the study’ was more about how motorcyclists’ lives will be saved if they got off the roads.. and on to our paths. Yes, it is probably safer for the motorcyclist, but not for the cyclist! They forgot about them.

“Motorcyclist caught on camera doing 60mph wheelie

When a camera snapped motorcyclist Jason Jesty he was travelling at more than double the speed limit – on one wheel.

This 35-year-old biker doing a wheelie at 61mph in a 30mph zone.

The GATSO speed camera that took the picture was triggered when his powerful Suzuki machine whizzed along a quiet country road.

Jetsy was doing 61mph in a 30mph zone

However, they were unable to issue a penalty or a court summons – because the scaffolder had removed his number plates.

Jesty was snapped on the A4074 in Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon. Two weeks after the stunt, police cars on patrol spotted a biker riding in the same area without any number plates.

They put on their flashing blue lights and pulled Jesty over – and watched in amazement as he cheekily tried to fasten plates to his bike.

Jesty, who lives in Tory boss David Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency of Witney, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving on June 24 last year.

When police checked their records, they linked him to the earlier wheelie stunt on June 5 and ordered him to appear in court.

Last month Jesty admitted one charge of dangerous driving and two charges of perverting the course of justice by removing his number plates to avoid detection.

A police source said: “That spot is well known for speeding bikers and officers had been monitoring the patch for some time”

I don’t want to be on the same path as this dangerous idiot, many are under 18.

3 responses to “So Motorcyclists aren’t dangerous to cyclists then?

  1. Should be banned on Cyce lanes to Dangerous ,they always end up trying to shove you out of the way. Anyway they cannot hear you most of the time if you tell them they are bumping off you when at Traffic Lights. Over here in Ireland they are banned on Cycleways and Bus lanes. Though they often take chances and go on the Bus Lanes when they think they can get away with it.

  2. I thought there were some places in Ireland that were combined motorcyclist and bus lanes? Yes, they do try and shove you out the way, and you end up in the railings or onto a car, with someone trying to open the door. I am sick of cyclists dying, with their families lives shattered, because of some poorly thought out Government policy.

  3. What we need is good segregated Cyclelanes of 6-7 Feet Unidirectional 2 1/2 Metre or 12-14feet or 5 metre Bidirectional like in the Netherlands.

    If the UK and Irish Government is really serious about Infrastruture for Cyclists then do it right.

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