Will Writing & Organ Donation

As the roads are highly dangerous now with lawless speeding motorcyclists, making it extra unpleasant to cycle on the roads of London, you may want to get your will updated, perhaps, as part of your New Year’s Thing.

I’ve managed to get a free will done via my bank at Barclays so if your bank does it, better take advantage of it.

As Boris, is making it unsafe for us cyclists, we need to get ‘our affairs in order’ particularly if you are a cyclist who has kids.

Also you can register for an organ donor card so that your body could be used to help someone else:


It maybe morbid but just seeing the relentless illegal driving in London, lack of policing (or even poor police driving!) lack of decent punishments and adequate preventative measures, we have to attend to these matters. After all we don’t want the tax man to get our dosh, if we have any, to build more bloody motorways!


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