Womens Morris Dancing Club in London

And you thought it was just for blokes:-

But no, you will find them at the “New Esperance Morris, who have regularly weekly morris dancing sessions.

This is from their site:-

“New Esperance Morris have been continuing the tradition of women’s morris dancing in London since the 1960s. We draw on a rich heritage, specifically that of Mary Neal, and the Espérance Club. We dance Cotswold Dances in the traditions of Bledington, Fieldtown and our own tradition”


As a cyclist from Kent, I come across loads of these over Bank Holidays and they’re often blocking the road!

I used to know a couple of them at work and they often used to get teased. But to be honest, it is part of our heritage, and it would be a shame to lose our traditions, even if they can be a bit cringeworthy. I always wished we had something Irish Dancing with looks a lot more attractive.

It sounds a good laugh though.

One response to “Womens Morris Dancing Club in London

  1. Hello Velochick.Strange as it may seem there are a couple of Morris Dancing Groups over here in Ireland.

    One of them are known as the Leinster Morriss Dancers and they have the Traditional Garb of White and Flowery Hats and also to denote the Irish touch have a Harp on their Torso. They have Men and Women and the usual Accordians Tambourines etc. They turn out for various gatherings at social occasions and Parades.

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